Samsung Galaxy A55 5G vs Galaxy A35 5G: Better Affordable Phone

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Galaxy A55 5G vs Galaxy A35 5G: Samsung has completed its flagship rollout for the Galaxy S24 series, it’s time to pay attention to the mid-range lineup, which just got refreshed with the Galaxy A55 5G and the Galaxy A35 5G. Those successors to the previous mid-range lineup are now official, and unlike the Galaxy A54 and Galaxy A34 from last year, the differences with the new devices are pretty few in between.

The Galaxy A55 5G sadly won’t be sold in the US. Instead, the Galaxy A35 5G will be hitting the shelves in the US. By reorganizing its product portfolio in this manner, Samsung is positioning the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S23 FE as more affordable alternatives to the flagship Galaxy S24, while simultaneously presenting them as more capable devices than the Galaxy A35.

Galaxy A55 5G vs Galaxy A35 5G

Galaxy A55 5G vs Galaxy A35 5G differences:

Design and Display Quality: Both the Galaxy A55 5G and the Galaxy A35 5G utilize Samsung’s newfangled Key Island design language, or more correctly, ‘design feature’.

It’s a bulk on the right-hand side of the device that houses both the power button and the volume rocker. The Key Island doesn’t seem to do any other purpose that looks different and interesting, but it looks like it would grace the whole A-series range.

Aside from this change, little else has seemingly changed. Just like the Galaxy A55 5G, the Galaxy A35 5G scores a punch-hole instead of a V-shaped notch, which has been a long time coming and finally matches the Galaxy A55 5G in terms of frontal design.

Performance and Software: Both the Galaxy A55 5G and the Galaxy A35 5G rely on Samsung’s Exynos line of mid-range chips. Thus, the two phones are equipped with the Exynos 1480 and the Exynos 1380, respectively. We probably shouldn’t expect too much out of those, as they are humble mid-range chips after all, so any comparisons with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mid-rangers would be irrelevant.

Camera: Both the Galaxy A55 5G and the Galaxy A35 5G come with triple cameras, but you will certainly use just two of those almost 99% of the time. As is tradition, Samsung will be once again equipping the two mid-rangers with useless macro cameras, whose utility is usually emulated by the ultra-wide camera on many other phones.

Main Camera: Zoom isn’t great on either device, so it’s advisable to only zoom in dire situations. You’ll be left disappointed otherwise! Selfies are great on both devices as far as details and colors are concerned.

Galaxy A55 5G vs Galaxy A35 5G

Audio quality-wise, neither the Galaxy A54 nor the Galaxy A34 were without their weaknesses, so both the Galaxy A55 5G and the Galaxy A35 5G have quite a lot in terms of potential improvements that they could fix. This applies to both the so-so audio quality coming out of the speakers, and the slightly mushy haptic feedback.

The Galaxy A55 5G produces slightly better audio quality than the Galaxy A35, which delivers muffed sound at higher volume levels, but nothing too deal-breaking. Haptics are not mushy on either Galaxy, but they are not great and precise either, so don’t expect anything flagship-grade.

Battery Life and Charging: Both phones have 5,000mAh batteries, which is the standard battery capacity you can expect from large Android devices these days. Surely, we hope that the Galaxy A55 5G and the Galaxy A35 5G strike an excellent balance between capacity and battery life, and hopefully, the Exynos chips can deliver on the efficiency front, which would be very impactful on endurance.

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