Android 15 Security Upgrade: Fight Fraud with AI, Control App Access & More!

Google, one of the largest companies in the world, has such products which are of great help to the users on the Internet. At the same time, the new version of Android operating system Android 15 is coming soon for smartphones.

In this, the company is going to bring many updates along with many amazing features and security features in Android 15.

Recently, the beta version of Android 15 has been launched, from which it is being said that smartphone users will get the stable version of Android 15 in a few months.

Many such features available in it have been made live, one of which is safety features added to protect people from OTP fraud.

Special protection feature being included in Android 15:

Protection from OTP fraud: The company had said in a program that better protection features will be provided in Android 15 to protect from fraud and scams. This will be AI-powered protection, using which OTP fraud and scams can be prevented.

How to get extra security in Android 15:

No access to OTP in notifications: For better protection, many apps will not provide access to OTP in notifications. The company says that it is bringing the feature of limiting OTP access in notifications with many apps, due to which not all apps will get access to OTP.
Hiding OTP notifications from wearable companion apps: The company will hide OTP notifications from wearable companion apps to avoid spyware attacks.

pay attention:

Google first introduced this feature with Android 13, which is now strengthening this security feature by updating many settings.

What will be special in the new feature:

More control over app installation: Users will have to seek additional user approval to obtain permissions when installing apps from Internet-sideloading sources like browsers, messaging apps, or file managers. You will get to see which app is asking for which type of permission and can see its permissions.
Many other great features have been updated in Android 15, which will make the smartphone even more secure and better for the users.

This update will be available to all Android users in a few months.

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