Beat the Heat on a Budget: Mist Coolers Explained & Top Picks for 2024

The summer season is at its peak and the scorching heat is making life difficult for people. In such a situation, people are taking help of air conditioners, fans and coolers to keep the house cool.

But, air conditioners are quite expensive and also consume a lot of electricity. At the same time, fans do not cool the air, they just move the air.

In such a situation, if you want coolness at low cost then Mist Cooler is a great option for you.

What is Mist Cooler?

Mist Cooler is a type of air cooler that uses fine droplets of water to cool the air. These drops mix in the air and cool the air. Mist Cooler is also called Desert Cooler.

Benefits of Mist Cooler:

Cooling at low cost: Mist Cooler is much cheaper than air conditioner.
Low power consumption: Mist Cooler consumes less power than air conditioners.
Environment Friendly: Mist Coolers are environment friendly as they use less energy.
Portable: Mist Coolers are portable, so they can be easily moved from one place to another.
Low Maintenance: Mist Cooler requires low maintenance.

How does Mist Cooler work?

Mist Cooler has a water tank. When you turn on the Mist Cooler, the water pump moves water from the tank to a pad above. This pad is made of cellulose or wood fibers. Water falls on the pad and disperses into fine droplets. A fan blows these droplets into the air. When these droplets dry in the air, they absorb heat and cool the air.

Keep these things in mind while buying Mist Cooler:

Room Size: While buying Mist Cooler, the first thing to keep in mind is in which room you want to use it. The size of the Mist Cooler should be according to the size of the room.
Water Tank Capacity: Apart from this, the water tank capacity of this cooler is also important. If you want to use the Mist Cooler in a larger room, you should buy a Mist Cooler with a larger water tank capacity.
Airflow: The airflow of the Mist Cooler is also important. Mist coolers with higher airflow are more effective at cooling larger rooms.
Features: These come with additional features, such as remote control, timer, and auto swing. If you want these features, you will have to pay extra for them.

Some popular brands of Mist Cooler:

Mist Cooler prices start from ₹5,000, which can go up to ₹20,000.

Some tips for buying Mist Cooler:

Choose Mist Cooler as per your needs.
Be sure to check the warranty and guarantee period of Mist Cooler.
Buy Mist Cooler from a trusted seller.
Maintain the Mist Cooler regularly.

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