Beat the Heat & Slash Your Electricity Bill: Top 10 AC Usage Tips

Huge electricity bill is coming for running AC, so don’t worry! Follow these tips to save thousands
Relief from heat and worries about electricity bill? Get the solution with these tips!

The scorching heat continues in India. In such a situation, people are using electrical appliances like AC in their homes, offices and business places. Use of AC is necessary to reduce the temperature and get relief from the heat, but it does not mean that you have to bear the burden of huge electricity bills.

With these easy tips, you can use AC wisely and reduce your electricity consumption, which can save thousands of rupees.

1. Get AC service done on time:

Often people do not get the electrical equipment installed in their homes maintained and serviced from time to time. AC is also not an exception to this. Regular service improves cooling of AC, reduces power consumption and also reduces leakage problems.

2. Use fan with AC:

Using a fan with AC improves air flow and distributes cool air evenly in the room. Due to this, the AC needs to run for less time and power consumption is less.

3. Do not allow sunlight to come into the room:

If direct sunlight comes into the room from the window or door, then the room gets hot and the AC has to run for a longer time. Reduce sunlight by using curtains or sunscreen on windows and doors.

4. Do not run AC unnecessarily:

Switch off the AC when it is not in use. Many times people leave the AC on during the day or night, which increases electricity consumption.

5. Set the correct temperature:

Set the AC temperature between 24-25 degrees Celsius. Reducing the temperature by 1 degree can increase power consumption by 6%.

6. Clean the AC filter regularly:

Dirty filters reduce AC efficiency and increase power consumption. Therefore, clean the AC filter regularly.

7. Use energy-efficient AC:

When you buy a new AC, choose an energy-efficient (inverter) AC. These ACs consume less power and are more durable than old ACs.

8. Keep windows and doors closed:

Keep windows and doors closed when the AC is running. Due to this, cold air will not be able to come out and the AC will need to run for less time.

9. Use low light bulbs:

Using bright bulbs with AC increases power consumption. Use low light LED bulbs.

10. Plant trees:

Planting trees around the house reduces the temperature of the house and the AC needs to be run less.

By adopting these easy tips, you can use AC wisely, reduce your electricity consumption and save thousands of rupees.

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