Nokia Magic Max’s new powerful smartphone launched, know its specifications

Nokia Magic Max Smartphone: As you all know that Nokia company is a very old company and this company is creating a stir in the Indian markets. People are trusting this smartphone very much and are planning to buy it. According to a recent information, it has been revealed that Nokia’s new powerful smartphone Nokia Magic Max has been launched in the Indian markets, let’s know about its specifications and features.


If we talk about the specification of this smartphone, then it has a 6.9-inch Super Element display. Which has been launched in the Indian markets with 144 refresh rate. With which you can see 1440 X 3200 pixel resolution, for whose protection Corning Gorilla Glass has also been installed. Apart from this, this smartphone works perfectly on Android 13 operating system. 

Nokia Magic Max Smartphone storage

Talking about the storage of this powerful smartphone of Nokia, it is expected that it will have up to 12 GB of RAM. Talking about internal storage, there are going to be two options of 256 GB and 512 GB.

Nokia Magic Max Smartphone camera

In this smartphone, you are being given a better camera than DSLR. In which you are going to get a 144 megapixel camera and a 32 megapixel ultra wide lens 5 megapixel depth sensor camera. Along with this, a 64 megapixel selfie camera will also come in it.

Nokia Magic Max Smartphone Battery

According to the information, if we talk about the battery backup of this smartphone, then 69000 mAh battery is being given in it. Apart from this, 65 watt charge is also being given for this fast charging. Which will fully help you in charging your smartphone quickly.

 Nokia Magic Max Smartphone price

According to the information available, if we talk about the starting price of this smartphone, then its starting price is being kept around 30 thousand which you can easily buy within your budget.


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