Play 75+ Free Games on YouTube! New Feature for Android & iOS Users

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If you are fond of gaming and are always eager to play new games, then there is good news for you. YouTube has started rolling out a new feature for its users, under which you can now play more than 75 free games on YouTube itself.

What is YouTube Playables?

YouTube Playables is a new feature introduced by YouTube, which provides users with free-to-play, light games integrated within the YouTube app itself. These games are available to play on the YouTube mobile app and desktop web version and do not require downloading or installation of any other app.

Which games are available?

Currently, YouTube is offering more than 75 games on YouTube Playables, which are divided into several categories to cater to the different tastes of people. Some of the popular titles include “Angry Birds Showdown,” “Cut the Rope,” and “Trivia Crack.” The games are divided into different categories such as Action, Sports, Brain & Puzzle, Arcade, RPG & Strategy, Board & Card, Trivia & Word, and Simulation.

How to access Playables?

To start playing games on Playables, you can view these games in a dedicated carousel on the YouTube home page. This feature is also available through the new Playables destination page, which can be accessed through the Explore menu under the Podcast hub. Once on this page, users can browse and select different types of games. Clicking on any game card will start gameplay immediately.

In which countries is YouTube Playables available?

Let us tell you that, as of now, YouTube Playables is available to select users in the United States, Great Britain, Canada and Australia as part of an experimental rollout. The feature is expected to reach more users in the coming months.

YouTube Playables will be supported in these devices:

To play YouTube Playables games, users need the latest version of the YouTube app and a supported device. See in detail:

Android devices: YouTube app version 18.33 or higher, running on Android S and above, or Android O, P, Q, R on 64-bit or high-memory 32-bit devices.

iOS devices: YouTube app version 18.33 or higher, running on iOS 14 and above.

Desktop web: Supported on Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers.

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