Realme C53 launched a new powerful 108MP smartphone, know its full details

Realme C53:As you all know, the Realme company is becoming a very old company. The company remains in discussions about the smartphones launched every day. According to recent information, it has been learned that Realme has launched its new smartphone Realme C53 in the Indian markets. You are going to get many premium features in this smartphone. The price of this smartphone is being said to be only ₹ 10000, so let’s know its specifications.

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Realme C53 Features

Realme C53 phone is being said to be the first segment smartphone in which you are being given a big camera of 108 megapixels. Along with this, details have also been provided for a tremendous gallery and better shirt every time. Your photos will come to life completely in 108 megapixel mode.

Realme C53 powerful camera

Realme C53 phone please smartphone is not only going to get a tremendous camera. But a great processor will also be given. Apart from this, metal software has been optimised in it, now this phone will help you completely in taking amazing photos. Which will help you in preparing the city street filter completely. 

Realme C53 strong performance

Realme C53 smartphone face smartphone is going to get 6GB RAM and HD technology. Apart from this, 128 GB storage will also be given in it. With which you can easily store your photos and video games. Apart from this, many premium features are going to be available in it, which make this smartphone much better.


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