Save Money & Stay Cool: Top-Rated Desert Coolers for Summer

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Desert coolers become the first choice of people to get relief from the heat in Jamshedpur.

With the increasing heat, the demand for AC is also increasing, but not everyone can get it installed in their house. The reason for this is the high price of AC.

But don’t worry, because now you can enjoy the coolness of AC for just Rs 6000.

New desert coolers have arrived in the market which provide powerful cooling at a low price.

Features of Desert Cooler:

Low Price: Starting from Rs 6000
Small and efficient: takes up less space and provides more cooling
No Water Required: No need to water frequently
Coolness like AC: By adding ice cubes you can make it even cooler than AC.
Airflow up to 40 feet: Delivers cold air to a greater distance than ordinary coolers
Various capacities: Available from 55 liters to 135 liters

Brand and Price:

Desert coolers from all branded companies are available in the market, including Bajaj, Symphony, Voltas, Hindware, Orient and Kenster.

Their prices according to capacity are as follows:

55 litre: ₹9,000
65 litre: ₹10,000
75 litre: ₹12,000
90 litre: ₹13,000

Where to use:

Desert coolers can be used at home, office, shop, tuition, etc.

Desert coolers are a great alternative to AC-like cooling at a lower price.

If you are looking for an economical and effective way to get relief from the heat, then a desert cooler can be a good option for you.

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